Logitech Mk550 Wave Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo


With contoured curves in all the right places, this ergonomic keyboard and mouse give you the support you need to minimize hand and wrist strain—even after spending all day on your computer. More comfort also means you can type as you normally do using the standard keyboard layout you already know. The Logitech Wave Keyboard has all the features you need for comfortable strain-free typing. The Constant Curve design guides hands and fingers into just the right natural typing position to reduce hand and wrist strain. It has a cushion palm rest that helps position your hands comfortably and properly on the keyboard, and gives your palms a place to rest when you’re not typing. Plus, this deal comes with the contoured laser mouse, that has a comfortable hand-cradling shape with rubber side grips and delivers smooth, accurate cursor control on just about any surface. Refurbished.

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