Lenovo Chromebook N22 11.6″ Notebook

Lenovo Chromebook N22 11.6

Users need technology they can depend on, and Lenovo’s N22 fits the bill. With a thickness of just 22.1mm, a 1366×768 resolution HD LED IPS Touchscreen, user-friendly Chrome OS, responsive storage, and more, the N22 helps users get more done-day in and day out.

Remarkable power
Lenovo’s N22 Chromebook features all of the power users need, with an Intel® Braswell processor as its foundation.

Innovative productivity
Lenovo’s N22 Chromebook runs using Windows OS, ensuring security and speed.

Unmatched durability
Users can fear nothing with N22’s long list of heavy-duty features, such as reinforcement around ports and hinges, anti-peel keys, a sealed touchpad, and a water-resistant keyboard.

Resilient design
Don’t let the N22’s light 2.8 pounds fool you-this machine is sturdy. The N22 is drop resistant, built to withstand bumps and accidental drops from up to 70 cm. Plus, a non-slip texture hides wear and tear while helping users maintain grip.

Innovative technology
The N22 Chromebook comes standard with a rotatable camera, allowing users to be flexible and creative in how they capture images and videos.

Long-lasting battery
Features up to 10 hours of battery life, allowing users to get more done on the go.