PureHeat Infrared Outdoor Heater

PureHeat 5100BTU Infrared Outdoor Heater

Enjoying the beautiful outdoors doesn’t have to end when the chill of autumn arrives. Blanket your patio in a circle of warmth and bring your friends and family outside much later into the fall and earlier in the spring. PureHeat PATIO brings comfort of the indoors outside with a 15-foot area of consistent heat that is unaffected by the wind. With a quick and simple setup, you are minutes away from enjoying your morning coffee from the comfort of your warm PATIO, allowing you to experience the season changes outside, rather than through your windows. pureHeat PATIO can be used in any outdoor space, garage, shop, cabin, or wherever you want effective, comfortable heat. Find out how the new revolution in heating is bringing the family outdoors again!

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