ECOVACS Deebot Slim Robotic Vacuum

ECOVACS Deebot Slim Robotic Vacuum

Nearly everyone is crazy about a lovely, furry friend. However, you often find pet hairs; all over floors, under furniture, everywhere! Meet DEEBOT SLIM, the perfect solution. With a slim design and powerful suction, it easily cleans under furniture where dirt hides and cleans efficiently using both direct suction and dual side brushes; ideal for picking up pet hair. DEEBOT SLIM is easy to operate and maintain, and automatically adjusts to uneven surfaces for optimal cleaning. Equipped with SMART MOTION technology, DEEBOT SLIM covers your floors multiple times ensuring that even persistent dirt has been removed. It also uses advanced sensors to clean up to and around stairs, detect objects in its path and recharge automatically and can be scheduled to clean once per day, even when nobody is home.

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