12″ Fan Rainfall Showerhead with LED/LCD Display


The 123 jets on this fan-shaped showerhead drench your head and shoulders in a soothing rainfall-like stream of hot water. You’ll know exactly how hot the water is due to the showerhead’s built-in sensor, which relays the temperature to an LCD display. An array of LEDs also change color, from blue to green to red, as the water heats up, so you know exactly when it’s cold enough to shock your enemies and warm enough to step under. Connectible to any standard overhead shower arm, the showerhead is easy to install without tools and is powered entirely by running water.

  • 12” curved showerheadhead for maximum water coverage
  • 123 high-power rainfall jets
  • Large LED/LCD display shows water temperature
  • LED lights change color with the water temperature
  • Powered by running water; no batteries required
  • Connects to any standard overhead shower arm