Liger DualGrip Universal Bike Mount Handlebar Holder

Liger DualGrip Universal Bike Mount Handlebar Holder

The Liger Universal Hands-Free DualGrip Bike Mount securely mounts to any bicycle & is fully adjustable to almost any size handle bar. The mount has a fully rotatable holster that twists and turns 360 degrees so you can view your device horizontally or vertically. The Liger DualGrip Bike Mount allows you to keep your phone or other hand-held device where you can glance at it if you need to, without taking your attention from your trail. Adjustable side-grip support arms fit to the width of your device up to 4in for a secure hold. It can be mounted in less than a minute and is also heat resistant. If your phone has a skin or a case on, big or small; it will hold your phone in place and facing any direction that you need it to be.

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