Bye Bye Clog Pressurized Plunger


Bye Bye Clog is a super plunger that rapidly clears sludge, hair, toilet paper, food left reside, and so much more. It easily clears the junk from drainpipes of kitchens, washbasin, toilets and other pipes. This new high-tech clog remover removes even the most clogged drains with the push of a button. How does it work you may ask? Bye Bye Clog forms an airtight seal around the pipe before a single blast of compressed air instantly dislodges and clears the blockage. A small pump is included so you can easily add the compressed air without batteries, charging, or power cables. It can also be used regularly to keep pipes perfectly clear. This product is great for hotels, restaurants, hospitals or your house. Use it anywhere there is a drain.

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