What Happens When You Stop Drinking Diet Soda?


big_sodaYou finally decided to give up diet soda! Wether it was constantly being told “its not good for you” or getting tired of seeing the scale tip the wrong direction, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is the health benefits that are gonna start coming your way. Research is still be conducted to fully determine the health benefits of quitting diet soda but theres enough evidence to support your smart decision to can the diet drinks in your life.

1.Migraines Disappear & Focus Improves

If you tried quitting soda before I’m sure you have experienced insane headaches that seemed to only be curedmigraine-pain-relief with a tall glass of your favorite diet drink but once you get past that, you’ll be amazed with how you start to feel. For the first time in a while you’ll start to think clearly again and you won’t believe it but it’s actually true! The chemicals in the artificial sweetener aspartame could have altered your nerve signals, your brain chemicals, as well as your brain rewards which may have led to headaches, insomnia, and anxiety according to a review in the European Journal, Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

2. Bone Strength

imgres-3Eliminating soda helps reduce your risk for fractures as well as increases bone density. One study showed older woman who drink diet soda had a lower bone mineral density. Studies are still being conducted to connect diet soda’s direct relation to bone density but suggestions clearly show soda has a negative effect on your bone strength.

3. Weight Loss Obesity2

For the first time in a long time, you begin to notice the scale tip in your favor! Although named “diet” this soda does not contribute to your diet at all. In fact, a 9- year study found diet soda causes older adults to pack on the pounds! So give it up and get back on the scale, you’ll be surprised with your results.

4. Your Taste Buds Work Better

Before quittingimgres diet soda, your taste buds were overwhelmed with the artificial sweetener that flavors from the other foods you were eating were getting lost. Now with out diet soda, you’ll start appreciating everything you eat! Study’s show that if you give up diet soda for a long enough time and get your “sweet fix” from something other then soda, your body will being to think soda is to sweet and you’ll essential stop liking the taste.Score!

5. Risk For Diabetes Decreasesimages-1

A Japanese Study found that middle-aged men who drank more then 1 diet soda per day were more likely over a 7-year period to develop type two diabetes. Another study that was found in Diabetes Care suggests that drinking two-thirds of a diet soda caused the pancreas to release a lot of the fat-storing hormone insulin before eating a meal. When the pancreas  becomes overworked in this case, it creates insulin to control blood-sugar levels which rears diabetes.

6. You Handle Your Alcohol Better imgres-1

You probably didn’t know this but it’s a fact, diet soda gets you drunker! According to an Australian study in the American Journal of Medicine there is an increase in your blood alcohol concentration when you mix with diet soda over regular soda because your stomach empties diet soda faster.

imgres-27. You Change Your Attitude Towards Food

Because your can of diet soda read “0 calories”, it use to make you feel better about your poor food choices. Admit it, you use to have that conversation in your head justifying that it was okay to eat the double bacon cheese burger because you were pairing it with a diet soda so it “wasn’t so bad”. One study suggests that soda is paired with poor food choices and once you eliminate soda, you’ll be surprised the junk food you begin to eliminate in your life as well.