Apple Watch Sport Series 2

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With the Apple Watch Sport Series 2, you’ll receive the notifications that matter most to you right on your wrist, right when you need them. A gentle tap lets you know when an alert arrives, including text messages, emails, calendar notifications, and even phone calls, and you can then choose a quick and easy way to respond. The Sport Series 2 also makes it easy to get updated information from the apps you check most often by having them displayed right on your watch face, like the weather, stock quotes, and news headlines. Staying in shape is also easy with the Apple Watch! The Activity app gives you a simple snapshot of your daily activity and movement with three rings: Stand, Move and Exercise. The Stand rings monitors your sitting time and tells you it’s time to get up when you’ve been sitting for almost an hour. The Move ring lets you set a calorie-burning goal for the day, while the Exercise ring displays how many minutes of brisk activity you’ve completed. The Apple Watch also features the Workout app that lets you select the type of workout you’ll be doing, which automatically activates the sensors needed for that workout to monitor stats like time elapsed, distance, calories, and speed. Stay in shape, in touch, and on top of your game with the Apple Watch Sport Series 2!

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