SoniClean Black Series Ultrasonic Whitening Toothbrush Kit

SoniClean Toothbrush

The SoniClean Black Series Ultrasonic Whitening Toothbrush has an industry leading ultra powerful 40,000 VPN Motor to whiten and polish teeth while providing a deep clean. It has 4 distinct cleaning modes including: “Clean” for standard brushing, “Soft” for sensitive teeth, “Whiten” which uses the full 40,000 VPM to dissolve surface stains and whiten teeth over time, and “Massage” which uses pulsating vibrations to boost blood circulation around teeth and gums to improve complete oral health profile. 8 BRUSH HEADS & 4 PIECE DENTAL KIT INCLUDED – Every toothbrush comes standard with 8 Dupont engineered brush heads built to last. Also included is a professional 4-piece stainless steel dental kit which should be used once a week to remove more stubborn stains and is especially useful for those with braces and other dental devices.

Shipping is $5.

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