Bell + Howell 12″ Tactical Bat with Flashlight

Bell + Howell 12

The Tac Bat combines the best features of our super bright lights but also has the heft and strength of military-grade aluminum alloy. For the ultimate in personal protection! It even doubles as an escape hammer that can help you quickly break a window in an emergency. Plus, this flashlight has all the great features you’ve come to expect. It’s 22x brighter than a regular flashlight, can be seen up to 4 nautical miles away and it also works under water. It can survive being frozen in ice or even being run over with a heavy duty vehicle. The Tac Bat also protects you and your family in two ways! Disorient any attackers with the self-defense mode right before they meet the business end of the bat. The Tac Bat features the precision and quality of a genuine Bell + Howell lens.

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