Gotham Steel Smokeless Nonstick & Portable Electric Grill

Gotham Steel Grill

Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill is the ingenious new way to cook and BBQ indoors without all that smoke. It has a convenient temperature dial that maintains perfect heat across the entire surface for perfect grilling every time. Plus, the Smokeless Grill features a heated grilling grate allowing oils and fats for healthier eating to drip into a pan that cools the oils and fat, so smoke can’t form. So food like bacon stays crisp yet juicy. And with a lot less fat. And like all our Gotham Steel products it’s made of Ti-Cerama surface which combines super strong titanium with super slick ceramic which means sticking or scratching is a thing of the past. Making healthy grilling and cleaning super easy and super fun! So go ahead and BBQ hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken, salmon, ribs and even desserts right in your kitchen, because you know it won’t stick to the grill!

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