Star Wars Han and Leia Hand Towels

Star Wars Han and Leia Hand Towels

Geeks understand the importance of towels. And sometimes two geeks get together and live in the same house. Know what that leads to? Towel fights. Not the sort where you wet one end and snap it, but fights over whose towel is whose. You could get monogrammed towels, but those are so stuffy and boring. Instead opt for hand towels that reflect your sense of decor, not something out of the pages of House Beautiful or Southern Living.

This set of white hand towels features the words “I Love You.” / “I Know.” along with large silhouettes of Leia and Han, respectively, embroidered in a silvery grey. The opposite side has a line of 1/2″ Rebel Alliance insignia from side to side and a Star Wars logo in the corner; display this side if you want your fandom more subtle. These soft, 60% cotton / 40% bamboo hand towels are finished off with grey edge binding for a polished look.

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