Galaxy Flex-Track Glow-in-the-Dark Race Track Set, LED Lights

Galaxy Flex-Track

Set up a speedway for you and your friends to race on with this Galaxy Flex-Track 220 piece glow in the dark track, with an electric LED light car. Using FLEX SNAP technology, bend and curve the track in any direction to create your track of choice. These glow in the dark track pieces can be interchanged and snapped on to make colorful combinations. You get up to 11 feet of track using the 220 track pieces with 120 decals to customize your track and light car the way you see fit. Have a light show with the race car that comes with LED lights to brighten up the track even more. Just pop in 2 AA batteries in the LED light car and that’s all you need to start your racing adventures. Hurry and get the Galaxy Flex-Track 220 piece glow in the dark electric LED light car today!

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