Upside Down Reverse Umbrella

Upside Down Reverse Umbrella

Umbrellas are almost essential for being outside in the rain. Their one job is to keep you dry. But what good do they do if they get you wet whenever you close them? The water sprays all over and gets you and other people wet on subways and buses. It’s hard to keep the water from dripping everywhere. Now your problems are over with the new double layer inverted rubberized c-shape umbrella! Its unique design turns inside-out when you’re not using it so the wet outer-side folds inward keeping the dry inner-side on the outside. The wet side won’t splash you or anyone else again! And the wind will be disappointed if it tries to invert your umbrella… It’s already inverted!Features: Double layer fabric is black outside, blue inside. Rubber C type handle.Fiberglass ribs and shaft.Stands on its own.Get in and out of your car or home without getting wet.It makes a waterproof cone when closed trapping all the moisture inside instead of dumping it on yourself.Wind Proof

Shipping: $3

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