Abcosport Garden Kneeler and Seat

Abcosport Garden Kneeler and Seat

This deep-seat garden kneeler makes it much easier to kneel down in your garden without hurting your knees or back. Whether it’s wedding, seeding, planting or any other operation that requires kneeling in the garden, either you hurt your knees or back, or soil/stain your clothes in the dirt/grass. This garden kneeler comes with a soft foam padding to provide a cushion to your knees and help protect them and your clothing. Portable Garden Kneeler with extra thick foam cushion for your knees. Metallic handles provide the necessary support to your hands and back. Simply hold the metallic frame to kneel or to rise. Kneeler doubles as a seat to let you sit comfortably. Kneeler can be easily flipped over to convert it into a seat. Lightweight design ensures ease of carrying around. Kneeler folds flat for ease of storage. Made up of superior quality materials to ensure high durability. Eliminates the risk of hurting your knees, back or palms. Protects your clothing from soiling. Maximum weight capacity: 220 pounds. Includes a tool pouch. NEW.

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