Sorbus Fridge Bins and Freezer Organizer

Sorbus Fridge Bins and Freezer Organizer

6-Piece Refrigerator Organizer Set Ideally sized to fit fruits, vegetables, and other food items in the fridge, freezer, or pantry. All drawers feature a built-in handle for easy pull-out and transport. Clear View with Easy Access Always see and know what you have and need while making delicious meals – Easy access pull-out container. Also saves time and hassle of looking through the refrigerator for your favorite foods. Now you can carry out BBQ essentials in one trip, quickly dispense a favorite drink, keep snacks in one place, easily grab eggs, and separate fruits and veggies. Clutter-Free Organization Organizers offer plentiful space to fit different types of food items while keeping your refrigerator looking coordinated. The sturdy egg lid allows multiple to be stacked, or other items placed on top. Complements most refrigerator sizes. Durable Sleek Design All fridge and freezer drawer organizers are completely BPA-free and can easily be cleaned by hand with mild detergent and water. Set Includes (2) Wide Drawers: Ideally sized to fit fruits, vegetables, and other larger sized food items. Dimensions: 4.5″ L x 8.5″ W x 4″ H. (2) Narrow Drawers: Ideally sized to fit snacks, condiments, and other slimmer sized items. Dimensions: 14.75″ L x 4.25″ W x 4″ H. (1) Can Drawer: Holds 10 (standard size 12 oz) cans, small sized food cans, juice boxes, and other types of drinks. Dimensions: 13.25″ L x 5.5″ W x 4″ H. (1) Egg Drawer Stackable organizer holds 14 eggs. Dimensions: 14.50″ L x 4.37″ W x 3.12″ H

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