Maxwells Attic Giveaway of the Day Insertion Order

MaxwellsAttic, since 2013, is one of the premier daily deal flash sales websites today and is rapidly growing into one of the more popular sweepstakes websites with our daily and weekly giveaways. In the two months since we launched our Giveaway of the Day, our list has grown 100% month over month and we continue to maintain over 20% open rates.

Our Giveaway of the Day News delivers at 3PM EST every day and includes that days giveaway from MaxwellsAttic. We offer 2 additional spots for Sponsored Offers as seen in this sample newsletter. Our newsletter customer file is a frequently scrubbed file that includes people who are entering the Maxwells Attic Giveaway of the Day, every day.

Newsletter Statistics (Oct 2015)

  • Total File Size: 37,000 (30 day openers)
  • Giveaway of the Day List Open Rates: 24%
  • Mail Provider: Mailchimp

Price for a sponsored spot is $100 $75 for one newsletter until Oct 31st. Please fill out the form below including sweepstakes end date and we will schedule your promotion.

Includes posts on Twitter (5,000) and Facebook (60K).

Do not hesitate to contact us at support (a) maxwells attic dot com with any questions that you may have.